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3 Levels, Infinite Possibilities

Many companies are in growth mode, ramping up production and hiring new personnel. Of course, these businesses want to attract and retain the best employees as they continue to prosper. When your customers find themselves in this position, they’ll need access to resources and custom programs that will help them enhance their employee offerings and […]

Say Hello to Our New Employees

What is the best part of company growth? For some companies, it might be more customers and the chance to expand market share. For others, it might be higher revenue and profits. At HRAnswerLink, we enjoy those types of growth — but our favorite part is welcoming new members to our team! This year has […]

The Right (And Wrong) Way to Let Employees Go

Companies spend a lot of time and money focusing on their onboarding process — and with good reason. Hiring is incredibly time- and resource-intensive, and turnover is expensive. A great onboarding process helps improve performance and retention. However, even though it frequently gets much less attention, offboarding is just as critical to workforce management and […]

The Fastest Way to Find HR Answers

The HR industry is brimming with ever-changing rules and regulations, and even the most stellar HR professional can’t keep track of every detail. Of course, there are times when a client really needs to focus on a topic and learn it inside and out (a perfect time to call an HR Pro!), but sometimes they […]

Diversity: So Much More Than Just a Buzzword

Nowadays, diversity has moved beyond meaning fairness and equal treatment and has become synonymous with success. Forward-thinking companies are finding that a diverse employee population delivers a multitude of benefits — including a boost to their bottom lines. Consider these impressive statistics from a recent report by McKinsey & Company, Diversity Matters, which examined proprietary […]

HRAnswerLink Is Recognized In Oregon’s Top 100 Companies

HRAnswerLink prides itself in our ability to provide our clients with the resources they need to offer excellent HR services — and we do our best to treat our employees with the same dedication and care. That’s why we are excited to announce that we were named one of the top companies to work for […]

Want to Interest Clients in Your Services? Improve Your HR IQ!

In recent months, we’ve shared information about great tools HRAnswerLink offers our affiliates that make it easier for you to sell your clients and prospects on the benefits of your branded and affordable HR service offerings. Our newest tools make it easier than ever for users to get quick access to the information they use […]

Want to Keep Your Employees? Start Them Off Right with Effective Onboarding

Employee retention statistics are sobering: 31% of newly hired employees have left a position within the first six months. That means that a sizable number of your client’s employees may have changed their mind shortly after starting their job. Employee turnover can be one of the costliest HR issues a business faces. Rebecca Seaman, PHR, […]

An Easy Way to Help Your Clients: One-on-One HR Consulting

Your clients are busy people! They often wear many hats while running their business, including HR. But most of them aren’t HR experts. With ever-changing federal, state, and local policies and regulations to keep track of, the complicated nuances of HR can be nearly impossible for a business owner to keep up with. Online resources […]

How to Keep Millennial Employees from Job Hopping

Millennials are a firmly-entrenched part of today’s workforce, and their presence is expanding: Millennials are expected to make up 75% of the U.S. workforce by year 2030. Statistics like this make it essential for your clients to understand this group of employees and what it takes to keep them engaged. Millennials bring valuable skill sets […]

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