An Easy Way to Help Your Clients: One-on-One HR Consulting

Businesswoman standing in front of groupYour clients are busy people! They often wear many hats while running their business, including HR. But most of them aren’t HR experts. With ever-changing federal, state, and local policies and regulations to keep track of, the complicated nuances of HR can be nearly impossible for a business owner to keep up with. Online resources such as HR Support Center are helpful, but what if your client has a unique circumstance or can’t locate the exact answer to their specific question? What you really need is an HR pro at hand to tell you how to proceed or to provide a fast and thorough answer to your unique situation.

How HR On-Demand helps your clients

Recognizing employers’ need for this type of immediate, one-on-one HR guidance, HRAnswerLink offers our HR On-Demand service as part of our value-added HR service offerings. HR On-Demand makes the complex world of HR a lot less confusing for your clients by giving them instant access to one of our qualified HR Pros when they need it most. HR On-Demand includes:

  • Ask the Pro — Your clients can email, chat with, or speak by phone with an HR Pro to ask as many questions as they need to solve their HR compliance and employee management concerns. Our HR Pros answered 11,000 questions just in the last year! Jennifer, an HR On-Demand user in Florida shares, “I love HR on Demand. I have ALWAYS gotten quick and helpful answers. When I worked with an HR person in the office — I never got answers this quickly.”
  • Ticket Tracker — Your clients can check on the status of questions they submit with Ticket Tracker, and even see which HR Pro has been assigned to their question. Our HR Pros receive around 20 tickets per day and most are researched and answered the very same day — within six hours on average!
  • HR Concierge — Your clients can chat live with our HR team to identify the HR challenges they are facing and quickly locate the tools and resources to help them solve those obstacles. Having a member of our HR team just a chat away has helped earn us an average customer experience rating of 4.8 on a scale of 1 to 5.
  • Custom Documents and Employee Handbooks — Your clients will have unlimited help from an HR Pro to create and customize a comprehensive employee handbook that ensures your clients’ businesses are compliant and protected. We’ll also help create custom documents, letters, forms, and job descriptions to make sure your clients have the tailored documents they need to make their business run smoothly. In fact, our HR Pros create an average of 135 custom handbooks each month and have created 1,100 custom documents in the last year. “You guys are awesome! Thanks for not only answering my question but presenting solutions and documentation to support the solution,” Evan, a user in Virginia, recently shared with us.

Your clients look to you to make their lives easier and take complex HR tasks off their plates. Give them even more help and peace of mind by offering them the ease of the on-call HR services that HR On-Demand provides.

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