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Woman Working At Desk In Creative OfficeThe HR industry is brimming with ever-changing rules and regulations, and even the most stellar HR professional can’t keep track of every detail.

Of course, there are times when a client really needs to focus on a topic and learn it inside and out (a perfect time to call an HR Pro!), but sometimes they just need a quick answer. This is especially true when it comes to crunching numbers for HR metrics and ACA calculations.

That’s where HR Support Center’s new calculators come in.

Our calculators are an easy-to-access resource that provide your clients with the numbers they need fast, so they can get back to what they’re doing without missing a beat.

We have calculators for some of the most pressing HR topics:

  • ACA Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) — Determine the number of FTEs in your organization and whether your organization would be considered an ALE (Applicable Large Employer).
  • Cost Per Hire — Figure out the average cost per hire to help budget for hiring and retention programs.
  • ACA Penalties — If a company chooses not to comply with the ACA’s Employer Mandate, this calculator will estimate potential penalties under both the A Penalty and the B Penalty 2015 and 2016.
  • Absenteeism — Calculate the absenteeism rate for an entire organization or smaller subsets such as functional or regional groups.
  • ACA Safe Harbor — This calculator shows whether a company’s healthcare plan qualifies as “affordable” under one or more of the safe harbors in the ACA.
  • Overtime — Use this calculator to determine the applicable overtime rate for hourly employees.
  • Employee Turnover — Find an average turnover rate to identify ways to increase employee performance and retention and reduce turnover costs.

These calculators are located under the “Tools” tab in HR Support Center. To use them, simply plug in your numbers and information to automatically get your answer — and to get a sense of how your organization compares to the national average.

This is a reliable resource for answering employee questions, strategic planning, and ensuring compliance. We hope your clients will use them to their advantage!

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