Fine-Tune Your HR Service Offerings Using Dashboard Data

You’ve provided your clients with HR Support Center online HR services — but up until now, you’ve had no way of truly knowing how much they use the service, which areas of the site they’re using, and whether they are getting the greatest possible value from the service. With the new Affiliate Dashboard, you can now see at a glance how your clients are using HR Support Center and where you may be able to help them gain additional value from the services offered.

Using Dashboard insights to add value

Using the Dashboard gives you detailed data about your clients’ use of the services in HR Support Center. You can use this information to point them toward other valuable services they may be under-utilizing or not using at all.

For example, you can see what HR Support Center topics your clients have accessed over the last 30, 60, or 90 days; 6 months; or year. You can compare this information with our national database of over 60,000 users to identify trends or gain understanding of the topics that matter most to your clients.

Dashboard can provide you with answers to common client usage questions such as:

  • Which site areas are most popular for my clients?
  • Which areas are my clients neglecting?
  • What HR topics are my clients asking HR Pros about?
  • Which of my clients are set up for HRProMobile?
  • Which of my clients are reading HR Support Center newsletters and eAlerts?
  • Which of my clients have conducted HR audits?
  • How does my clients’ HR Support Center usage compare to that of 60,000 other HR Support Center customers around the country?

You can also use the Dashboard data to identify opportunities to expand your clients’ HR support by offering them additional services, such as Insights webinars, HR On-Demand, or HR Complete. The new Dashboard gives you the detailed client usage insights you need to ensure your clients get the maximum value from their HR services investment.

We encourage you to take Training On-Demand for a test drive by clicking on the “Training and Education” tab in the HR Support Center. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Alicia Ness in the Client Experience Department at any time.
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