8 Ways to Promote Your HR Services in 2015!

co-workers in conferenceDo you want to bring more clients on board with the HR Support Center in 2015? HRAnswerLink wants to help you meet that goal! You already know the benefits clients with the HR Support Center receive: an affordable, valuable package of branded HR resources and services. With these eight new sales tools from HRAnswerLink — provided free of charge to our affiliates — making the sale is now easier than ever.

Tool #1: Free, live, interactive training sessions for affiliates — Learn how to present a compelling demo of your branded HR Support Center to your clients with the help of personalized training from an HRAnswerLink training specialist. Our specialists will recommend which areas of the site to highlight for your clients, and show you ways to demonstrate the value your clients will get from using the HR Support Center.

Tool #2: Expanded sales kit — Our expanded sales kit includes a variety of sales and marketing pieces that you can customize for your brand. The kit also includes the New User/Prospect Guide, which you can offer to prospective clients to help them experience the kind of support available to new HR Support Center users.

Tool #3: Free sales demo accounts — Free sales demo accounts give every member of your team complete access to the HR Support Center. What better way to showcase the entire range of services and features available for HR Support Center users than by personally demonstrating them to potential clients?

Tool #4: Analytics dashboard — Get instant insight into how your clients are using HR Support Center — and how other users are taking advantage of the HR Support Center features and services. You can use these insights to see which features and areas are most important to your clients, and identify ways they can get more out of their investment by accessing services they may have overlooked.

Tool #5: iDeliver — With iDeliver, you can create and send custom, branded communications about HR services and offerings — right from your HR Support Center. It’s a great way to remind your customers of the array of HR services you can provide to them!

Tool #6: HR Concierge — Entice your HR On-Demand clients with our HR Concierge live chat service. In the 253 HR Concierge chats we’ve conducted since launching the service, we’ve helped answer client questions, assessed client needs, pointed them to useful resources, and connected them with an HR Consultant for in-depth assistance. HR Concierge is one more way to show clients how easy HR can be.

Tool #7: HR Snapshot — Educate your clients about HR issues by sending them a weekly, branded email covering a real-life HR question and answer from an HR Pro. It’s an effective way to give your HR Support Center clients an inside look at the expertise of our HR Pros.

Tool #8: HRProMobile App — Show your clients how simple and convenient HR can truly be with HRProMobile. The app gives your clients instant access to the HR resources they need while on the go, right from their smartphone. Users can view live streaming HR Q&As, receive eAlerts, listen to HRCasts, and communicate directly with our HR Pros. The HRProMobile App puts HR access at your clients’ fingertips — literally!

At HRAnswerLink, we’re continually developing innovative services and finding new ways to help affiliates demonstrate the value of the HR Support Center and related offerings. We’re committed to helping you meet and exceed your business goals. With these eight tools, you can promote your HR services in a tangible and compelling way and sign more clients in 2015!

We encourage you to take Training On-Demand for a test drive by clicking on the “Training and Education” tab in the HR Support Center. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Alicia Ness in the Client Experience Department at any time.
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