Check Out HR Checklists

CheckboxesIn HR, checklists are an especially important tool for making sure that correct procedures have been followed and that HR policies and activities comply with federal and state employment laws and regulations.

To save you the time of creating your own HR checklists, you can use the HR Support Center’s Checklists section, which you’ll find under the Essentials tab. The Checklists section includes premade checklists for many HR functions — HIPAA, OSHA compliance and safety, new employee orientation, personnel file, and termination, to name just a few. You can filter your checklist search to display generally applicable lists, lists applicable to a particular state, or only lists that are relevant to state employment requirements.

Each checklist includes items specific to the HR function. For example, the Personnel File Checklist lists items such as employment application/resume, copy of original job description, performance reviews, and I-9, the form’s location, comments, and whether the form has been completed and filed. The OSHA Safety General checklist lists items to be inspected in different categories (e.g., scaffolding, fall protection, machine guarding) as well as “inspection date” and “inspected by” areas to be filled out.

The checklists are Word files that you can use as-is or edit to meet your business’s specific requirements. Your HR Support Center’s checklists will help you make sure your business is not overlooking critical tasks or employee information that need to be completed and retained for your HR operations.

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